Thursday, 13 April 2017

Crochet Trials and Tribulations!

What do I say when a friend sends a photo of a 70s looking open net dress and asks: “Can you knit this?” Always up for a challenge, looks like a project! Even though it is crocheted and is a photo of Felicity Shagwell [played by Heather Graham] from the movie ‘Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me’. It is the inspiration for what is to become one Hot Mess!

“I would like to wear it to Viva Las Vegas in April”. No problem, it is February after all. Just have to finish the order from a designer, going into the busiest two months of my working year…but hey, this is just too cute and an extra small size, how can hard can it be?!
A shopping trip to the local yarn store is in order and I really could not believe the spring colors! Just the right shade of hot pink and orange in a synthetic/cotton blend in a medium weight yarn. I get distracted easily.

After a week of knitting different net samples it became clear that it needs to be crocheted! Great, because other than edgings I haven’t crocheted anything significant. Now I have to learn, find a quick and easy stitch for the solid parts and learn to crochet net! This just became a marathon project because as usual, there is not a pattern. 
After measuring my friend, and I really needed the weekend to work everything out, big sister and Mom organized a birthday party for my old but younger brother. Out to the farm we go and design time was not going to happen, so I experimented with different stitches for the solid part of the skirt in order to have something to work on while I am there and work on in the van on the way home.

Here's hoping for a small miracle and relaxed fingers.....

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