Sunday, 19 November 2017

In the meantime...

Other little items needed attending too! This little piggy was in dire need of some winter woollies, so after finishing the scrapbook pages and weekend with sisters and brother was over, piggy designer wear started!

Too early to decorate the mantel for Christmas so for the next 25 days, I am running out of time, I gathered doll and teddy bear knitwear items to display.

It is amazing how the needle arts are represented amongst other hobbies. Finding knitted items with the dolls, teapots, teddy bears, d├ęcor items and of course vintage clothing. It is the thread that ties my collections together!

And yet, I have seldom knit for my dolls and teddy bears. With the last edition of the piggy doll that has changed. Suddenly, this little pig needed winter wear!

The brown teddy bear and cable sweater were both  knit with 100% alpaca. I used a Debbie Bliss pattern for the bear and I designed the sweater. Stuffing is not my forte and I have not made any more....

The mohair and angora sweater set was knit to fit a baby, but really, what Mother is going but her precious in 100% british long hair mohair and 100% French bunny angora?! I was experimenting with the fuzzy yarns, love the color combination and made it anyway. Now it suits a deserving teddy bear.

The blue half doll tea cosy and the striped kewpie type doll face cosy were purchased.

One happy piggy! The pom pom wreath is new, and I would not attempt to make it!


Onward to the next project....knitting baby hats and mitts for charity before December 1, 2017.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Tis the Season for 'Startitistis' Or however you spell it!

Nothing like fresh snow on the first of November to get revved up about knitting projects. Selfishly, not for Christmas but for me!

I was keeping up to the trend [popular with knitting friends I have met on Ravelry and consequently at local knitting groups] of finishing each project before starting another one...not even knitting a new gauge swatch.

Here is the line up from oldest to newest: [I completed a white top and a light green summer top for myself previously, so I thought I was on a roll!]

Pale yellow summer top started in July 2014. It is knitted in the round and I am at that awkward just above the underarm but at the splitting to two pieces and at bust line stage.

Strange blue open top started in fall picture.
I am sure I knitted on a few things in 2015!

Friend needed a comfort wrap in summer 2016.

Decided to knit a cotton cardigan for my Aunt first in time for Christmas 2016.

It would help if Mikey would stay out of the knitting project bags.

A request by a friend yielded this little crochet number to attend Viva Las Vegas in April 2017.

Now here I am, November 2, with 5 skeins of the most wonderful softest yarn I have felt in a long time. Hand painted Merino Cashmere Fingering - 75% Superwash Merino, 15% Cashmere, 10% Silk; Sugared Violets by Dandelion Knits. This will be used for another top for me!

Using a pattern by local designer Jessie McKitrick, 'Nor Good Red Herring' sweater.

Trying to resist, but pretty sure Sugared Violets will on the needles soon!

These Quivik gloves just may never get finished!

Saturday, 15 April 2017

It's Gonna be a Party!

The count down is on for Chantel’s packing and it is nerve wracking. Two more decisions to be made: how is she going to get into the dress and will the ‘opening’ be on the side or centre back?

The other thing is - the shape of the bodice along the sleeve edge. I knew there would sleeves so I don’t know why I crocheted the bodice like that. Now the sleeves will take on a whole new shape….

If there is an opening, the only option now would be buttons but that doesn’t seem right for this dress. Another fitting and thank goodness this girl can shimmy into just about anything! 

Blocking is important before sewing up the dress. Sequence of  blocking before proceeding to the next part: the skirt, the middle, the bodice and the sleeves, added the edging to the hem, then blocked and pressed the edgings.

I love it when a plan comes together!

The big reveal...please Chantel, please send full body pictures!

She wore it so it must be okay?!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

One HOT Mess!

It is going faster and easier than I thought. Even though I have a large collection of vintage and older knitting and crochet magazines with patterns, I could not find one with all of this open work. So I taught myself to crochet from an American book and choose a pattern from an English pattern. This is significant because the nomenclature is different!
Chose a basic chevron pattern then a combination of chains and loops to create the trellis net look.
Design to keep the waist open but not saggy?

Recalculating, recalculating...

Now to figure out the bodice and make another size transition. Testing stitch and edging ideas.

It all starts coming together but the worse is yet to come! I am out of time and the sleeves pose yet another design challenge.

Final pictures will be posted once the gal makes her debut at Viva Las Vegas!

Crochet Trials and Tribulations!

What do I say when a friend sends a photo of a 70s looking open net dress and asks: “Can you knit this?” Always up for a challenge, looks like a project! Even though it is crocheted and is a photo of Felicity Shagwell [played by Heather Graham] from the movie ‘Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me’. It is the inspiration for what is to become one Hot Mess!

“I would like to wear it to Viva Las Vegas in April”. No problem, it is February after all. Just have to finish the order from a designer, going into the busiest two months of my working year…but hey, this is just too cute and an extra small size, how can hard can it be?!
A shopping trip to the local yarn store is in order and I really could not believe the spring colors! Just the right shade of hot pink and orange in a synthetic/cotton blend in a medium weight yarn. I get distracted easily.

After a week of knitting different net samples it became clear that it needs to be crocheted! Great, because other than edgings I haven’t crocheted anything significant. Now I have to learn, find a quick and easy stitch for the solid parts and learn to crochet net! This just became a marathon project because as usual, there is not a pattern. 
After measuring my friend, and I really needed the weekend to work everything out, big sister and Mom organized a birthday party for my old but younger brother. Out to the farm we go and design time was not going to happen, so I experimented with different stitches for the solid part of the skirt in order to have something to work on while I am there and work on in the van on the way home.

Here's hoping for a small miracle and relaxed fingers.....