Sunday, 19 July 2015

Part One Jars

Disclaimer: I am not a collector of jars.
‘Old jars’ we all love them, and the crafty possibilities are endless.  However, the memories of picking the fruit, preparing and ‘canning’ is an experience that I did not appreciate at the time. We wanted to spend our hot summer days at the lake!
A few of my close friends are much more ‘crafty’ than I, and while shopping at antique show one starts to admire the jars and brainstorm what she would do with them.  Suddenly it occurs to me, I know where there is a basement with more than a few a jars!! I stop her from buying a jar, sorry vendor.
On our next visit to the farm, I ask Mom, if we can go through her jars and pick out a few each  to take home. We were thrilled with our selections and Mom was happy that someone actually wanted those jars.
Umm… I wonder aloud, “but Mom there must have been jars older than these?”  “Yes” she said, “they are on that shelf above the fridge.”  She didn’t offer them to us, so I dutifully took pictures!!
My Aunt moved into a seniors apartment and long story short – yes I brought home a couple boxes of jars. Now I can only hide so much from my husband and boxes of jars are not one of them! They are family items I tell him, I am going to share with my sisters and cousins…and I did, kinda.

 before cleaning
 baby bottles
 regular types cleaned

The same summer, a lady who has been downsizing, rightsizing her home, called again and asked, “Are you interested in jars?”
Only if they are old I said!!! And another box of jars or two sits in the basement. And yes, I did label Moms and Aunties jars!!


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