Sunday, 17 November 2013

the lost is found

At knitting group last week someone cautiously asked...does anybody here...'lose' their knitting? We looked at each other and laughed Yes!! I recently lost two projects; my written instructions for a summer top 75% completed...and one of my qiviuk gloves also 75% completed but I had started the other glove cuff and was working on that for another inch at the knitting circle.

I looked in my loft, my bedroom, the living room and the zippered compartments of two suitcases. While in my loft, I get distracted and start cleaning, sorting, organizing but still no instructions and no glove. Very expensive glove may I add.

Today, I looked under my bed and cleaned up the magazines stacked beside my bed. I was putting the piles of magazines on the stairs to go back up to the loft (I know, I know...they should go out of the house!) and looked up the staircase - on the landing is my Auntie Beulah's knitting craft holder bag that she just gave me.

Now I looked in that 'pile' last week...(it was much messier and I moved the stuff on top) but this time I saw the plastic Ziploc bag with the ever so pale logo Qiviuk. That was it! Whew!

Thinking that my luck might continue I worked away up in the loft sorting dpns into two wonderful boxes...and moving stacks of paper and magazines, but still no instructions. Not too worried as I am making up the pattern as I go, so I can just get back into it and keeping knitting!

Inspired by yarn I found and since I was into the dpn stash, I brought down more yarn, Auntie's mitten's instructions and decided to start some wonderful mitts!
Good things do result from occasional cleaning!

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