Saturday, 29 June 2013

Air-ing Anna!

This is Anna, circa 1948. When I told her it is my first satin dress with peplums...she corrected my pronunciation!

Satin Acetate!! What to smells. Even though she had it packed in tissue in its original box -  from Thompson & Dimes 106 Street and Jasper Avenue in the 'old' Holt Renfrew building - once I took it out at home a mothball type smell was overwhelming. I had to leave it in our porch!

So it gets the hanging in the breeze treatment for a few really does help.

And the wonderful ten foot long veil is heavenly...but smelly as well. The smell came out in one day.

Happy in the breeze, released after 65 years.

It is always a privilege to be the next keeper of such a loved piece.
Yes Anna is a retired teacher...she has a school hand bell collection and is a prolific knitter for charity.

Collecting is fun but meeting the people is better!!

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Best Made (Shopping) Plans

For months we searched and researched for unique shops on the roads less travelled west of HWY QE2. We printed the directions, phone numbers and maps; all in preparation for our yearly trek to Vintage with Flair sale in Priddis, Alberta June 21st and 22nd. Packing rain gear, closed toe shoes, mosquito spray and slacks with pockets…we were ready! Hotel booked in Cochrane.
A winter with lots of snow, a rainy spring extended into June; and the few days leading up to Friday with more storms, heavy rainfall warnings and the inevitable had to happen. Severe weather with rivers and creeks overflowing their banks in Bow Valley, Calgary and south. Priddis is west and south of Calgary. We were travelling from the north.
It was a ‘come hell or high water’ we can do it attitude. The high water came and we decided against risking going to hell to get there!

Plan B: shop local! Going south to Bentley and back again we found plenty to satisfy our vintage cravings. Past Connections Emporium in Bentley, Backstreet Gifts & Antiques in Westerose and Sisters Roadside Treasures.
Being the troopers that we are, we even went out again on Saturday, this time east and south of Edmonton. Visited Kountry Knits & Sewing Centre, Treasures Past & Present and 2nd Hand Treasure Hunt in Fort Saskatchewan.
A few spoils of the day(s):
Camrose yielded a few good things as well! At Imagine Vintage Wear.
Thanks to my travelling friends!