Friday, 29 March 2013

Apron Display on One more Day!

The steaming and ironing begins! I thought I would just love ironing all those aprons, but after the first two... I figured out that straighting the rolled and crinkled ties was quite time consuming, the ruffles even worse!

Dampened a few to speed up the process! It takes a good ironing session to reacquaint oneself with fabric again - the good cotton, the linens, searsucker that doesn't iron and the delicate nylon organdie that required steaming.

Sorting, can't take them all....props to use...this is Mom's 1960s metal clothes hanger and she still uses it!

Then they have to dry before we cover and pack in van.

With help from a good friend and #2 son, we finally get packed, unloaded and set up.

Display is at the Wild Rose Antique Collectors annual show & Sale...on tomorrow Saturday March 30 10am - 5pm at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

I didn't know I had this many aprons either!!

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