Friday, 20 July 2012

Wedding Bliss

June is the traditional month for weddings and I had the priviledge to show some of my bridal collection to the members of the Wild Rose Antique Collecting Club at their last meeting in June.
Here are some pictures of what I took and what had to be left at home.
Collecting bridal is not for the faint of heart or frail body!! It takes stamina to move, pack and store bridal gowns and those crinolines!!
That is why I have friends, good friends, strong friends and 3 strong sons (oh okay, and a healthy husband).
So much to collect in this collecting realm of bridal. I had no intention of becoming a collector of wedding dresses. When I was collecting vintage Barbie dolls and clothes I kept a look out for the first dress styles, 1959 to 1968, of real dresses to match Barbie’s fashion. Wedding dresses are like teddy bears, even though I am not a collector of teddy bears more than a few of them have found their way home with me.

What to take! It is so hard to decide what items to pull and show. I decide to bring my oldest and a variety of items.


References above
Bridal satin ivory shoes with stamp June 9, 1943 on the soles.

Deciding on accessories and displays.

This house isn't big enough....

Detail of a 1920s ivory silk wedding dress.


Pearls, the June symbol and bridal tradition.

A 1950's high heeled plastic bride doll, a bit starry eyed...

1943 satin gown, waiting her turn to be steamed and pressed!

My newest find...a 1980s or 90s brass stand.

Many thanks to my boys and girlfriends who unloaded and unpacked at the hall.
From left to right, 1930s, 1913 about, and Muriel...1937.

Late 1960s or early 1970s; early 1980s puff and roses dress - forgot the crinoline to go under this one!

1970s, ruching 1980s in back and three colorful 1950 party dresses!
And 1972 Japanese (american) wedding kimono.

Belle of the Ball....Chantel in mid 1950's net dress with bolero.

Early 1970s...or late 1960s.

Thank you Wild Rose Antique Collecting for having us!
Same time next year....okay?