Saturday, 4 February 2012


Sequins, Spangles and Sparkle
It is of no surprise that sequins and sparkle are back on everything fashionable; clothes, purses, shoes and hair accessories that were all the rage in the fall and winter 2011 collections.
The House of Worth in the late 1800’s mentions that one of their dresses was embellished with gold spangles – dashes of gold on the fabric.
Okay, this is the 50th Anniversary Barbie, but her dress does have Spangles! And 1886 Harper's Bazaar gives a description of how to clean and use real fish scales in handywork! (precusor to sequins...?)
In the 1902 Sears Roebuck Catalogue – trimming is offered:
Sorry, this picture will not turn around.

1914 illustrator Etienne Drian made a watercolour of a long hobble gown in “evening dress moon-blue sequined silk” Costumes Parisiens, 1914 (no picture)
In the October 1918 Modern Priscilla magazine a headpiece – shaped like a tiara has black jet spangles:

Below - sequin detail on the shoulders of a black velvet, ivory silk lined hooded cloak from the late 1920s.
1920’s Hat and Detail

1930’s long black dress with green sequins
1940’s beaded cardigan

Black beaded and sequined purse, lined, metal  zipper; hard to say which decade this is from.
1952 Norman Norell, an American, designed a strapless, body hugging gown with all over red sequins.
(no picture)
1963 Vogue cover with black and white top using large sequins in a swirl pattern by Geoffery Beene. (love the hair)
1960’s red silk dress with silver sequins

1972 Halston – mauve and white jersey sequined evening gown with light silk mauve silk chiffon scarf trailing from the back neckline to hem. Sequins form flame pattern from hem to waist. Sleeveless, fitted bodice that drapes from the hips. (no picture)
1980’s pink silk short dress with pearl drop beads and sequins

1990’s wedding dress bodice with beads and sequins
2011 December Elle Canada cover featured a sequined dress with many other dresses and purses in the issue.
We knit with sequins,
Gene, the doll, wears sequins,

And Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz wore the most Famous sequined accessory of all time….the Ruby Red Slippers!  ( you get the picture…)