Saturday, 28 January 2012

Dear Angora,

I LOVE YOU!  I am sorry that ‘Brain’ waited 24 years before finding you and needing a reason to touch you again. Thank you Fate for intervening. Thank you glove knitting project for running out of merino/silk (actually Brain was not working on that design day). Brain then redeemed itself by thinking to find matching angora and add fingers…don’t ask.

Alpaca and Qiviut you are wonderful fibres too, but Angora, it has been way too long.
(who hope that Brain will work harder and finish/design projects with Angora)
Angora through the years.  Touch is one thing a computer can not give…

Angora toque from late 1980s

Note the color picture in the middle; from a flyer today - white angora hat and scarf. See above right hand scraf from late 1940s or early 1950s knitting pattern book.

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