Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Linen No. 5

Why did you survive?

One piece, a keepsake from a past household, brought to Sylvancroft.
How many were there in this set? Are there others that survived from a seamstress scissors?

Rescued now! Given a gentle wash, lightly pressed….saved for someone else to discover many years from now.

Monday, 22 August 2011


Here is one curtain panel that I cleaned and hung up on my window! Sylvancroft and my house were built within two years of each other. Even though my house is not a mansion, some of the double hung windows are close to the same size! This panel is too short.
 Showing the yellowing on the panel
 After cleaning
 Detail, now to mend holes.
Temporarily on my window

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Auction Lesson No. 3

You must pay for, and take home the items purchased, regardless of condition.

I am not a seasoned auction goer, but I do know better than to buy dirty, broken, damaged items like these!

Auction Lesson No. 2

Always remain calm and do not, let competitiveness overtake common sense when bidding against only one other person….

Auction Lesson No. 1

Always thoroughly inspect items, with a flashlight, when deciding whether or not to bid on items.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Re-freshing Muriel

1937 wedding dress, ivory, satin, with lace inserts, belt, long sleeves, covered buttons in back, small rosettes at neck, princess bodice, A line, comes with slip, ivory, below knee length, A line, machine sewn by Muriel, and her veil, two tier net, with pearl beads for crown, short to shoulder, complete with stockings, ivory, possibly silk.

If my Mother saw how I pinned these delicates in such a manner, I would receive a scolding!

Disclaimer: Items are pinned to the clothes line for the picture, I put a layer of sheet on the line first for padding and hung the dress and slip and upside down.